Act Like You Knew


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released November 29, 2014



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MADD CREW Corona, California

All Hail Corona

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Track Name: Bastard
Your closing your eyes, your keepin em shut
I aint surprised but i aint feelin your shit
i seen it before, i seen it before
another sucka stuck in line and slowly losin his grip
fuckin quit it. might as well just admit it
better yet just get with it.
Your blowin up, giving up and givin in
you just live in your head
take yourself up out the picture you've been mislead
day of the rope, couldnt fuckin cope with everything you said
everything you've ever done, wont amount to shit
look just what you did, left a legacy of punks
i know i created you, i dont give a fuck
your all my sons, my bastard sons
Track Name: Downright
Everybody point the finger blame the other man
loathe & loathe i hear you screaming, no one understands
no one understands you no one understands
daddy did he's to blame, all you sounds the fuckin same
different day same old shit just different day,
you must feel original, you must feel entitled
your a victim of your self, your greed your only idle
your visions belong to you, and only you
your so weak & broken
and outspoken
im pullin your card. im pullin your card
you disregarded what you sayin, now you took it too far
you took it to far, you took it too far
and now i can even tell you apart
different day, same old shit different day
loathe & loathe i hear you screaming
loathe & loathe i hear you
loathe & loathe i hear you screming
loathe & loathe i hear you
Track Name: Patience
Patience running thin, ah shit were do i begin?
vicious circle vagrant ways,
vagrant ways
cloud my mind
tried to change
they dont really wanna know who i am
they dont really wanna know who they are
they dont really wanna know who they are
cant realte with sucka shit, losing patience get a grip
cant relate with sucka shit, both my fist might fuckin slip
Track Name: ALYK
You better act like you knew
you better pump on them breaks
you better act like you knew
that you aint got what it takes
act like you knew
i see your insecurities, i see you preying on the weak
you better step back, you better step back
you playin me? dont play yourself, just play your role and nothing else
act like you knew, better for your health,
do what the do, ill give em hell
oh your new to this? i couldnt fuckin tell
you put your hands out, looking for respect
i know your name now and i wont forget
i see you reaching out, to those you once neglected
to all the kids rejected
just cut the shit, cause you know that you can never perfect this
act like you knew
act like you knew
Track Name: Hardcore Hero (Fuck you Pay me)
Lie fore a lie, keep quiet
they dont gotta fuckin clue
they dont wanna know what goes on inside
they dont really know your face
show these kids your weak
they dont really know your simple
they dont wanna know the fuckin truth
show them what it it is, show them what it really means
fuck you pay me
damn right i said it, and i aint takin shit back
i dont regret it
cant save the sheep from the wolves
theres no escape, lie in the bed that you made
nothing to say, tell me how long i should wait
fuck you pay me
fuck you pay me
thats what there saying
they only play because you pay.and i aint paying
your time is up ,now walk away
just quit the playing, cause you aint stayin here
i see you pussy and youll be gone in a year
fuck you pay me
fuck you pay me
Track Name: MADD
Mentally aware discipline divinity
there aint no allegiance gotta look out for me
think i get it, might regret it, ill be damned if i just let it
get the best of my ways, accept the worst of my days
theres gotta be another way
might be empty handed
if theres something to gain ill make it simple and plain
ima take it
i dont wanna it, and i dont need
mentally aware, you lookin mentally depleted
now i know, i dont need it anymore so you can keep it
if i dont live it i dont speak it
i dont got nothing to prove, i paid my dues
my mind tries and tries just to pass you all by
feeding and bleeding off the shit you threw aside and despised
i taught myself to surve, without my feet on the ground
i never felt so alive, until the day that i drowned

Track Name: Half Step
half steppin, your half of man
your daddy must of really went and raised a sucka
where was your discipline? cause i cant see it
everything you say you are, youll never be it
youll never be it
your so hollywood, transparent overdone
quit wasting my fuckin time aint doin it for fun
i bet that you thought you would gain the mass appeal
you just wanna make a name but i doubt you will
you just live in fantasy, you dont know whats real
you pretend its obvious, i say what i feel
i bet that you thought you would gain the mass appeal
just just wanna make a name, now you never will